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Terms and Conditions


Payment is to be by credit card online. If you need to cancel a reservation, we require at least 7 days advanced notice.

Cancellation PolicyNon-refundable Service Charges & Fees
7 days or less, prior to tourNo Refund

We reserve the right to change the scheduled itinerary at our discretion. It will sometimes be necessary to change plans and itineraries due to bad weather, acts of Mother Nature, or situations beyond our control. If changes are required, we will do our best to substitute a quality experience, and try to provide you with a tour that exceeds your expectations.

Tours may be subject to minimum passenger requirement.

Our cancellation policy applies in every instance and there will be no exceptions for any reason. TC Tours will not issue any refund for arriving late or leaving a trip early. TCTours is not responsible for any expenses incurred due to travel delays, flight cancellations, or illness. If you are concerned about the possibility of having to cancel, we strongly suggest you short-term travel insurance to protect your vacation investment.

All tours include some elements of risk. TC Tours, and all tour operators assume no liability for injuries, illnesses, damages, and/or death’s, that may arise during the guided tour, and any other affiliated tour activities, or transportation rendered.

As soon as we have processed your payment, a confirmation email will be sent.


Tour date or time transfers will not be allowed less than 48 hours prior to scheduled tour. No refunds or transfers will be allowed less than 48 hours prior to tour departure for any reason.


To ensure a quality experience, we ask that all guests meet some general requirements in order to achieve the best experiences on our tours. Must be able to walk in light sand, gravel, and step up small rocks and boulders. You should be able to hike un-assisted in order to participate. Wheelchairs are not accessible on any part of the tour. There is always an option-out of any of the activities. Whatever your reason, you are welcome to relax and enjoy the beauty surrounding you instead of joining the provided activity.


If there are children in your group who legally require an automobile car-seat, booster seat, or any other special transportation seat, it is you as the tour guest, legal parent, or guardians responsibility to provide the proper vehicle restraint chair or seat.

Children under the age of 18 years must be accompanied by an adult.


All tour guests must fill out and sign a waiver of liability form prior to their tour departure. All guests agree that they understand the risks involved on the tour they have reserved.


It is recommended you purchase short-term travel, cancellation, and accident insurance, before your trip. You can purchase policies that will cover the length of your vacation and provide short-term coverage in the event of loss of luggage, a personal accident or the loss of personal belongings. Your individual home owner’s policy (it’s a good idea to check in advance) may cover some of these items also.

Suggested Travel Insurance Agencies you may choose to use (optional):

NOTE: Some of the most difficult situations we’ve had to deal with is when a guest needs to cancel a few days before a trip, because they broke their leg, an elderly parent suddenly gets sick, or some other catastrophic event requires cancellation. In these situations, we generally do not have time to refill the space. Yet, we have already spent considerable time, money, and energy preparing for your trip: scheduling vehicles, drivers, guides and equipment, arranging dining, etc. Because of our short season and very limited number of available seats, we cannot afford the financial loss that cancellations cause. Therefore, in deciding whether or not to buy this insurance, consider the investment you are making in your vacation and whether or not you could afford the loss if you did have to cancel.

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